Mother Earth – Betrayal

Karolina animals, cakes, fantasy, nature, sculpture

In 2014, six years ago, I have discovered Aegis Illustration digital works, by Mario Sanchez Nevado. They absolutely took my breath away, I’ve seen nothing like it before! One particular image especially resonated in me, as it presented the message I feel very strongly about: the environmental destruction of our planet… by us. Being a sugar artist at the time, …

Fantastic Creature

Karolina animals, art competition, fantasy, nature, portraits, sculpture

“Occamies were known to be choranaptyxic, though they won’t normally exceed a length of fifteen feet.” (HP Fandom website) Fan art. Digital illustration of my award winning sculpture, inspired by Fantastic Beasts movie (first one), and presented at an international art show in London 2019. Just a little comeback to it. Just a smidge.

Wizard of Oz. Sugar Chronicles collaboration piece.

Karolina art competition, cakes, sculpture

“There’s no place like home.” (Dorothy) During the first weekend of November 2019 joined the Sugar Chronicles team, entering Cake International art competition at the NEC Birmigham. 12 international artists created collaborative piece, which was awarded Gold on Saturday, and placed overall 1st in the category on Sunday! My work contained of creating the visual background to bind the …

The Fantastic Beasts – awarded GOLD!!!

Karolina art competition, portraits, sculpture

“So much to do, so little time.” (Monet) Competition sculpture as seen at ExCeL arena, London, in April 2019. (NOT FOR SALE) I love to sculpt people. I am strongly drawn to any form of portrayal: humans, animals, mythological creatures, anything really. I also love to add scenery for the extra impact, so this time, I incorporated built-in lights, and …

Enigma (Emotion)

Karolina art competition, cakes, portraits, sculpture

Inspired by the elements of fire and earth.   Showpiece created for the Cake International professional sugar craft competition at NEC Birmingham in Spring 2017. Placed Gold and 1st in “Pushing the Boundaries” category. (NOT FOR SALE)   Sculpture celebrating feminine beauty, forces of nature and life. Inspired by photography of Jaime Ibarra (African Goddess of Love), and visual artist …