Hello, and welcome to my art page!

This is me, Karolina. Ever since I can remember I have been drawing, photographing, writing, dancing or playing music.

My international artistic background has previously led me to many creative ventures. All my studies and professional experience in my home country of Slovakia were related to some type of creative industry: being the chief reporter of news on a national radio station, an acoustic musician touring across Europe, or a full-time contemporary glass designer at lovely little private art studio; just to name a few…

As a teenager, I had often dreamt of making a better living as a professional artist in Great Britain, a country which was often the subject of my stories. Moving to UK at the age of 27, with “nothing but a banjo”, was an adventurous and somewhat crazy leap of faith! Torn between the love of my homeland and my new cultural environment, I quickly fell in love with the Celtic aspects of the picturesque North Devon; and, whilst working on a farm, I enthusiastically learnt how to use oil paints.

Becoming the mother of two young children, Fine Art was put on hold, yet I continued to work from home as a cake artist. This allowed me to become part of an exciting, fast-growing industry which connects many extremely talented cake artists across the globe.

Entering a professional art competition in Spring 2017, at the NEC Birmingham, I received, to my great surprise, the prestigious “Cake International Award” in the most challenging category, “Pushing the Boundaries”. My belief in recognition based on talent, rather than education or economical background, was restored!

I have now returned to non-edible art forms and enjoy focusing on high quality photo-realism - commissioned portraits of pets, people, or wildlife; all of which had been sculpted by me many times previously.

My chosen mediums are quality oils, mixed media with inks, high quality airbrush, pastels or charcoal. I also often photograph local events and stunning scenes in nature, as did my father Prof. Teodor Andreas, an award-winning photographer.

By following in his footsteps, I feel like I have finally understood the complexity of all my creative passions, embracing my intuition in both art and photography.

As I have recently moved towns, from “an almost village” (the lovely peaceful Chulmleigh - which I love visiting) to a slightly larger market town, also in North Devon, I have started to support local artists, writers and musicians actively, through a very diverse and positive art “hub”, the “Arts Destination” project.

I feel passionate about encouraging old and new talents, making sure they feel warmly welcomed, supported, appreciated and included in the future art-related visions for the town. I believe that gifts and talents are not given to one to feel a cut above others, but to serve those who appreciate them.

Please contact me should you have any questions.